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Time to Break the Stigma

Be the culture change in the industry to show support and understanding for each other. People are people- imperfect and flawed. Storms and struggles are temporary. 

We're in this together. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try the following strategies:


Stop before you do anything. Pausing or stopping negative thoughts or situations is critical to safety.


Lean into the network of similar professionals that have experienced similar struggles. 


Connect with close friends and loved ones allowing for the open and transparent conversation about struggling to cope.


Rest is an important part of out body's ability to regulate and recover. Ensure you determine if there are any impacts to a healthy sleep routine.

Cool Off

Frustration can build for all of us, it is how we manage the frustration and subsequent anger that drives our behaviors. 


When out values are misaligned with our priorities it can take a toll on our well-being. 


Keeping our food choices, sleep, and exercise  routines in check can be difficult in today's work environment. Finding consistency and proper balance can make a huge difference. 


Daily grind and stress wears us all down, finding a way to relax and calm the waves will help.

Shift Gears

A change of pace is sometimes what we call can use. Talking with close mentors and peers can help determine if its time for a change. 

Solar Technicians walking together

Be there

Know the signs

Typical Warning Signs

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Excessive Alcohol or Drug use

Enjoying a drink is different than drinking excessively due to stress.


Inability to concentrate

Struggling to concentrate on routine tasks can be a indicator of concern.

Roller coaster

Excessive mood swings

Rapid highs and lows, accompanied by similar happy, see, then mad behavior can be a sign.


Excessive worrying

Not having peace of mind and being able to relax and enjoy life without constant worrying is an indicator.


Withdrawal from friends or social activities

Some people tents be alone to deal with issues, however sometimes that can quickly compound the problem.



We all work hard and with that comes tiredness, however been burned out and tired can also be signs of continual mental distress.


Feeling down

Feeling down sometimes is a normal human experience, however having this feeling repeatedly or constantly is an issue. 


Excessive hostility, anger, or violence

Stress and mental illness can cause people to do things they wouldn't normally do, this iscould be a sign to get help.

Eating habits

Major change in eating habits

Shifting schedules, workload, and life can have an impact on our daily routines, however a change in eating habits likely shows underlying c

Tech shadow

Anonymous, CA

“My financial burdens were too much for me to handle. Fortunately I got help."
Tech shadow

Anonymous, SC

"I didn't know my manager had the same personal struggles in his marriage. Talking about it changed my perspective."
Tech shadow

Anonymous, MI

“Realizing my feelings and situation were temporary was a starting point of change for me.”

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