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Charging Ahead

Going to gas station and filling up whenever you need seems like quite the convenience, but let’s consider some things that are typically overlooked when it comes to electric vehicle (EV) charging.

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First – What is better than charging at home and never going to a gas station again?

That was one of the biggest things for me, and my kids don’t even want to go to gas stations, they just seem foreign. Most of us use our vehicles for getting to and from work, school, kids sports, and casual events then we find our way back home. That allows the opportunity to charge our vehicles while we recharge. Installing chargers can seem like a renovation project, however the truth is simple a 240V outlet similar to the one for your dryer or oven is all that is required. This can be less than a few hundred bucks. For those that want to have a more sophisticated look or slightly quicker charging rates than a larger installation might be more. However I would only encourage this if the charger and EV are bi-directional and allow for you to use your EV as power back-up for your home when the power is out (we will cover this topic in a separate post).

Second – Charging networks are all over and continue to expand.

If you are looking to travel or need to charge while you are out there so many more options today than just a couple years ago. We are all very familiar with apps on our smart devices and the ability to seamlessly identify charging locations, manage payments, and plan road trips is simply at our fingertips.

Lastly - Part of the problem for most people when it comes to EVs is the need to plan ahead as charging is not as quick as filling up with gas.

That is a negative and a positive because we all rush around and slowing down or charging at places, we enjoy spending time opens us up to more social time or time to pause and enjoy periods of life that we would usually miss.

Check out our guides and resources available here.

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