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Roll Safe in Renewables

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Safety Training for Solar, Battery Energy Storage, and EV Charging Workers In the dynamic and evolving fields of solar energy, battery energy storage, and electric vehicle (EV) charging, the safety of workers takes precedence. This comprehensive training course is designed to equip individuals in these industries with the essential knowledge and skills needed to ensure their well-being and the integrity of operations. Covering a range of critical safety topics, participants will gain a deep understanding of stop work authority, basic electrical safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), heat stress management, arc flash and blast hazards, and effective pre-job briefings. Course Objectives: - Understand the concept of stop work authority and its role in maintaining a safe work environment. - Identify potential electrical hazards. - Understand appropriate PPE to safeguard against various workplace hazards, including electrical, thermal, and mechanical risks. - Recognize the risks associated with heat stress, implement strategies to prevent heat-related illnesses, and respond effectively in case of emergencies. - Navigate the intricacies of arc flash and blast hazards, implement safety measures, and mitigate the risks of electrical incidents. -The importance of a safety-first culture and individual responsibility.

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